Heaven Here and Now

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'Being in Heaven' is unlike any other cinema film. Not only is it an extraordinary story with characters, it is also a transformational experience for you.

As you watch it,

- you will be drawn into a far deeper understanding of how you have created your life so far, and what you can do to change anything.  

- you will also learn how to give yourself for a more fulfilling and deeper experience of living and awaken to states of ecstasy and bliss, that you never knew existed

Jason Masterman (Daniel Whyte) loses everything in the financial crash. He returns home to rebuild his life and takes a casual job writing articles for a magazine.

His first gig is interviewing a mysterious writer (Michael Domeyko Rowland) who takes him on an inner journey into his past, reveals to him the driving forces that caused his losses, and the way to transform his life.

Then, in a stunning twist of fate, Jason is transported through time and realises that his life can be anything he makes it, now that he has been given the tools.

Prepare to be stimulated and amazed!


‘Being In Heaven' a real gift of spirit - truly inspired and inspiring - I was spellbound and felt filled afterward. Thank you all for creating this masterful teaching by a master teacher'.

And, Michael, it was a real pleasure to watch you and listen to you as you transmitted energies and information on many, many levels as only a master teacher can. And, I did notice, that you chose a perfect foil for the teaching.


Dr Sidra Stone PhD

I was in for a very big surprise. I was actually riveted to the film from beginning to end. I learned some things but what was much more important was that I was inspired by the film. It was a teaching film but you created an ambience -- a format -- a visually lovely set of ongoing images -- that moved in the most beautiful and compelling way.

Your own role Michael was amazing. You were in fact teaching the whole time but it was so natural and so infused with your own passion for the material and it just worked so naturally and beautifully. The actor you chose for the client role was superb. It was compelling. That is the most accurate word I can use.

I think you have made a very major contribution to the evolution of consciousness on the planet.


Dr Hal Stone PhD

Free 3 Part course
'Creating A New Life'

by Michael Domeyko Rowland

the writer, director & star of
'Being In Heaven'.

'A unique, very poignant, very powerful, very thought provoking film'.
Stephen Simon, Co-Founder of The Spiritual Cinema Circle

Audience Reactions

I thought the film was wonderful, very inspirational, humorous and informative.
Steve Connolly

My husband and I both thought the movie was really fantastic. You were able to hold the audience spellbound for the whole 90 minutes.
Elly Wilson

It's a powerful film that really gets people talking. We both very much enjoyed it and were totally absorbed.
Richard Weeks

Michael Rowland expresses himself so well that I found myself hardly breathing so as not to miss the next words. The audience is also left with tools enabling us to let go of the recurring patterns and really make changes.
Karen Sheiles

I was fascinated by the whole film and the way it was presented. It contained all the essential ingredients for the true path to success. Well written, well acted, clear dialogue, logical explanations and practical applications. It has definitely had a great effect on me.
Keith McDermott

I have seen “Being in Heaven” 4 times and every time when I watch it I feel I want to watch it again! There is SO much to learn from this very interesting movie about how we can change and improve our life! Truly inspiring, insightful and a MUST SEE movie!!"
Manon de Jongh

Being In Heaven

93 minute film

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Deluxe Bundle

2 films, 2 audios & e-book

The Being In Heaven Deluxe Bundle includes:

1. The 93 minute feature film "Being In Heaven"

2. PLUS a bonus film "The Making of Being in Heaven" - a behind the scenes look at the making of the film, plus 24 extended interviews on different subjects with the director, Michael Domeyko Rowland.

3. PLUS bonus Double Audio Pack "How to Transform your Life" – a step by step explanation revealing the principles expressed in the film "Being in Heaven". The audios provide the exact explanation and techniques you can immediately use to transform your life. It is especially designed to help you learn how you can:

  • become more successful in every area of your life
  • access the superconscious
  • awaken more of your creative powers
  • become a more conscious being
  • attract what you want and recondition your mind with new patterns

4. PLUS a 37 page companion ebook entitled "The Real Law of Attraction", written by Michael Domeyko Rowland, which explains how it is that you attract the experiences you do into your life, as well as how to improve them.


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